Jane Golden

Jane Golden is the founder and executive director of Mural Arts Philadelphia. Under her direction, Mural Arts has created more than 3,800 works of public art through innovative collaborations with community-based organizations, city agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools, philanthropies and the private sector.

This past fall I had the chance to meet Golden—and a bevy of other directors, writers, artists and scientists—through an unusual project for the Philadelphia Chamber Music Society. "Departure and Discovery: New Directions at the Apex of Creativity" explored the idea of "late style"—that is, what do artists create when they have nothing left to prove?

“Everyone one here feels like a public servant working on behalf of the citizens, Golden told writer Leah Hood. "I feel this unstoppable, tireless passion around the process of how we do work: we try and fail, we try and learn...we are like a sponge soaking up best practices from around the world." 

Read Hood's essay here.