On the sly on the High Line

I returned to New York for 10 weeks this summer, renting a room from the same Gramercy nonprofit I ran for 6 years, and walking four short blocks to a design course at General Assembly, a tech bootcamp in the Flatiron District.

Classwork took most of the day and part of the evening, but in between I reveled in beers in Madison Square Park and walks to the High Line.

I've always loved street photography, even as I stew about the ethics of taking sneak shots, or the mutual discomfort of being caught in the act. This summer the iPhone became my secret weapon. I learned to hold it upside down and shoot backwards from my thigh, using my thumb on the volume buttons as shutter release. If I needed a horizontal, I would raise the phone to my forehead as if to scratch my scalp or shield my eyes from the sun.

It would be interesting to know how many people noticed me or suspected what I was doing. Since smart phones and photographers are everywhere, perhaps it doesn't matter.