Beans, beans

I'm recapping an August trip to Indonesia...

Just down the road from Borobudur (see last week) was a beautiful little Hindu temple. And across the street from that, a source of the infamous luwak coffee made from beans shat by civets. Here you can sample the coffee (either free or 25,000 rupiah, depending) and meet a civet (the one below seen cleaning its feet with its tongue).

The coffee tasted fine, and I bought some as a novelty. Then I did a little internet research.

Tony Wild, who introduced civet coffee to the UK, disavowed the industry in 2013, saying that it's practically impossible to find genuine wild coffee civets, so the coffee mainly comes from caged animals.

And research published in the Animal Welfare journal earlier this year reported that all 16 plantations researchers visited in Bali failed basic animal welfare requirements.