Watching water

I'm always amazed and grateful when I learn something new and astounding about the world I've lived with my whole life.

This is how I feel about spotting satellites (yes, on a dark night you really can see those dim masses of technology orbiting above us) and standing eggs on end. (They say you can only do it on the solstice, but with patience, the yolk will settle to the bottom and an egg will balance upright on a flat surface, any time of year.)

This is how I felt when a 7-year old taught me I could curl my tongue, or when I discovered the left side of my jaw bone is ridged like a small bicycle gear.

And grateful amazement really was my first reaction when my wife suggested I might be, at least slightly, on the autism spectrum. Besides feeling near-constant overstimulation, having trouble with transitions, and processing some social interactions rather mechanically, I love watching water. Cats and autistic people, apparently, love to watch slow-moving water.