Scenes from the XH—part 2

The bus is mostly empty. A man is on his cell phone in a sideways-facing seat. He is of the generation that forgets he doesn’t need to shout his call across time and space.

MAN: So you got three of them, huh? And all with a bow and arrow. But this time will be with a gun.

Listen, you still make any of that deer jerky?

If I send you some money, will you send me some of that deer jerky and uh, uh—what other kinds of deer products you make?

Breakfast sausage. Will you send me some of your deer jerky and your deer sausage? I'm going to get some money next week—I'm going to get some money next week and I'm gonna Western Union it to you.

That's what I can do—I can send you a cheesesteak. Which you want, a cheesesteak or a—uh—uh—hoagie?

I can send you a cheesesteak or a—uh—a hoagie.

No, I'm gonna overnight it to you.

Yeah, so I'm going to send you the cheesesteak when I send you the money, and I'm going to call you and tell you I'm sending it.

I can put anything you want on it. So this is what I want you to do. I want you to text me your address, and text me what you want on it, and text me John's number.

And when you call any of your brothers and sisters, give them my number, and tell them that Jimmy—he's doing alright.